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I agree and understand that there are risk associated with the use of the facilities and I further agree and understand that I am assuming the risks associated with the use of the facilities and all equipment contained therein including the risk of injury and death. For and in consideration of the use of the facilities, I agree to release, discharge, and waive any claim against the club and its owners, agents, employees, and representatives from any and all damages, injuries, or death resulting from my use of the facilities including but not limited to the exercise and associated equipment and athletic facilities, participating in fitness programs, and exercise classes. I represent that I am in good health and do not suffer form any infirmity, disease, impairment or physical conditions that would prevent me from participating in any of the activities and programs or use of the exercise equipment without suffering harm or injury. I represent to the club that I either have the permission and approval of my physician to participate in the athletic activities, programs, and exercise classes and use of exercise equipment or if I do not have such permission, I hereby assume the risk of injury and death, which may result from such activities.
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